Saturday, 16 June 2012

How do I know that you are pregnant?

All the signs of pregnancy can be divided into three groups. Suspected symptoms more accurately does not mean hitting the jackpot. They may not necessarily be associated with pregnancy. • The deterioration of general condition, and nausea.• Vomiting in the morning.• Changes in appetite.• Dizziness.• Fainting.• Frequent urination.• Constipation. Possible symptoms. The presence of these signs point to the fact that you can become a mother. • The delay period.• In terms of monthly appear meager, spotting.• A positive test to determine pregnancy. The symptoms identified in the antenatal Do not rush to do ultrasound! In recent years, science has conclusively proven that ultrasound device using ultrasound in early pregnancy (8-9 weeks) is very harmful for the fetus! In the ultrasonic beam of fast-growing soft and dividing cells of the embryo as a "boil", which leads to irreversible damage to future systems of the fetus. The first to suffer immune system.Unfortunately, these effects are not visible to the eye and show up after years of chronic illness of a child. Immune deficiency, frequent infections, tumors - that's the price you will pay a little man in my mother's curiosity. And no one would never associate with the child's illness, "remarkable" method of diagnosis, which went mum, in order to clarify what color vests and caps harvest. Scientists warn that in the first 2 months of pregnancy, ultrasound can be done only in cases where you have firmly decided to terminate the pregnancy. Note: Researchers from Germany reported that sperm have the ability to smell and use this mechanism to find its target. Therefore, even a weak external smell may be enough to confuse the most active of them having high chances of fertilizing an egg. This discovery, as scientists say, will dramatically change the way people about contraception. Probably in the near future perfumery industry survive a boom, and humanity - a new sexual revolution. We hasten to grieve at the same time to please women: special fragrances are designed primarily for men, and their smell will remotely resemble the smell of hydrogen sulfide. Scientists claim that the bad-smelling man is actually a more desirable partner, since the probability of getting pregnant from it significantly lower.

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